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Good day
My name is Ivan Cantillo, industrial engineering student, I work in a food company, and my job is cellar master, I have 38 years and I hope to share with you proactively
1. What level of English is?
I am in the fourth level of English
2. How many units are in the online content?
There are 15 units in online content
3. Like many practices Unit 2 has?
In unit two there six practices
4. How many collaborative works Does the course have?
The course has two collaborative works
5. What unit can find the explanation of the past perfect?
In unit one is the explanation of the past perfect
6. What is the link to an American accent?
It is an office tool to help and support for the development of skills in pronunciation

Actividades a Realizar
1. Conteste lassiguientes preguntas de acuerdo a la exploración detallada del curso :

a. What is the link where you can find some private information submitted by the English tutor?
Classrooms and email.

b. If you want to record your voice for an audio file, which is the tool to download?
SV recorder.

c. What is the link for their skills throughout the academic process?
  The grades link

d. What is the link that provides the dates and results of the activities of the course?
In the course agenda

e. Describe the process to update your profile in the virtual course.
Log in to the platform, double clicking on the tab of the student's name and this shows a dialog box requesting information about the student, then give click OK and save your changes.

f. How can you identify the collaborative group you belong to?
In the link there are participants identifies the group to which we belong

g. How many units in Online Content?
15 units in online content

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