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Through time, everybody has wished and still wish to look their best and to look younger. In today’s world, unfortunately that is not possible for everyone. That is why some people have dedicated their life to make products and improve the technology. Advertisement knows that, so they make it possible for people to reach those products. Every advertising company wants people to develop the need for their products. Olay deep cleaners and Jergens natural moisturizer are two vivid examples of how advertisement affects us.

Both advertisements are about the skin, they focus and make emphasis on how to protect and take care of the skin. The products are basically for any woman around 19 and late 40’s. These products are not made for a specific type of women. Oley deep cleaners and Jergens Natural are affordable to anyone, regardless of income or education level. They both similar prices, all below twenty dollars. In general, these two products clean and purify the skin, each in a unique way.

The first advertisement Oley, says to be a cleaner that gets down to the micro particles of the dirt some other cleansers leave behind. This ad shows a beautiful woman looking straight at us with eyes between grey and blue, the product is on right side. The background is blue, making contrast with the color of the product and the model eyes. We see how the water is running off the models face going us a reaction of freshness, coolness, andrelaxation. Showing the consumer that, if you want to be relaxed you need to get it.
The second ad, Jergens Naturals, tells the audience to use a natural moisturizer. It says that became our whim is not synthetic; we should not use a moisturizer that is. Jergens Natural contains natural ingredients that double skin hydration. This ad shows on the left side a synthetic model to make emphasis an the natural ingredients of this cream. On the right side, we see the actual product that plashes some cream out of it with plant and flower pieces.
Advertisement is in everywhere at every time, pointed in a newspaper, magazine on the public and many other places, an advertisement can be broadcast to an audience. The purpose of advertising is to persuade people to buy products. Advertisement wants people to know that if they buy the products, they would be happy and content. The want to make their products attractive and pleasurable looking so more people can buy. There only two things the advertisement company look for to inform and seduce both try to make you dreams come true.
As has been shown above, advertisement is nothing more than companies trying to convince people to buy their products. Like Olay and Jergens are similar and work similar, but advertised differently. In today’s world, advertisement is convincing people more than ever, we can say that ‘we live in the world of advertisement’, through beautiful and appealing images.

Las fosas nasales de un cocodrílido y sus ojos se encuentran en la parte superior de la cabeza, lo que le permite ver y respirar mientras permanece en el agua. Puede respirar parcialmente sumergido, cerrando un pliegue de la garganta que evita que el agua penetre en los pulmones. Bajo el agua, las fosas nasales y los oídos se cierran, y en sus ojos una membrana transparente se mueve en sentido transversal actuando como un tercer párpado.
La fecundación es interna. Son ovíparos; es decir, ponen huevos, en nidos que construyen con palos y ramas. Mas ésta es solo la parte superior. Los huevos en cuestión están enterrados. A veces, las tortugas aprovechan los nidos de los cocodrilos, que protegen su nido e incuban sus huevos.
Poseen además un corazón formado por cuatro cavidades (dos aurículas y dos ventrículos). Son poiquilotermos y ectotermos; es decir, que su temperatura corporal varía con la ambiental.
Respiran mediante los pulmones. Son los animales de respiraciónpulmonar que más tiempo pueden aguantar bajo el agua; sus pulmones son tan grandes que puede llegar a estar seis horas bajo el agua si está en continuo movimiento; si se mantiene quieto, es decir, consumiendo la cantidad mínima de oxígeno por minuto, es capaz de permanecer dos días seguidos bajo el agua. El abdomen y el tórax están separados por un diafragma muscular que también es usado en la respiración.
The Crocodile (Crocodile) is a family of sauropsids (reptiles), commonly known as archosaurs, crocodiles. Includes 14 species [1] current large semiaquatic reptiles. The term 'crocodile' is also used incorrectly to refer to all members of the order Crocodylia, which includes all crocodiles, alligators and caimans (family Alligatoridae) and the Gharial (family Gavialidae).

Their skin is scaly, hard and dry. Come to live for 100-150 years. [Citation needed]

They are reptiles that live in tropical areas of Africa, Asia, America and Australia. They are excellent swimmers. Tend to live in slow flowing rivers and feed on a wide variety of animals, preferably alive.

One species, the estuarine crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) is the largest of the crocodiles of today (the largest that has been reported is 8.5 meters long and weighing 1,700 kilos and was caught in Queensland (Australia ) in the year 1957), [2] [3] [4] live in both freshwater and salty estuaries and often delves into the sea, which has allowed him to settle many islands inAustralia and all costs from India to Australia, and even, on many occasions come across the Indian Ocean and reaches East Africa, from Somalia to Madagascar and South Africa. The estuarine crocodile is not the only venture into the sea, although that does it more often. Thus, the Nile crocodile (Crocodylus nyloticus) has crossed the sea to colonize several Indian Ocean islands (including Madagascar) and the American crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) has come to swim to most Caribbean islands, and even to the southern tip of Florida.

The young crocodiles feed on crabs, insects and frogs. The hunt larger fish feed on dead animals or remain on hold for hours, ready to swallow prey such as mammals and waterfowl. Cling to the prey with powerful jaws and sharp teeth, dragging it underwater to drown. Crocodiles can not chew, so they cut the dam, shaking and pieces with his teeth. Grow new teeth to replace those that are broken or lost. Their bite is the most powerful of all the Animal Kingdom, some 1,800 kilos of force. [Citation needed]

Crocodiles are very inactive lives because they lie motionless most of the day. In the morning the rivers are heated slowly and crocodiles often seek the warmth of the sun on the riverbank. At night the water cools slowly, so that the crocodiles spend these hours in the river to keep warm. To open their mouth helps to warm or cool morning at noon in the mouth the blood vessels near the surface of the skin, allowing heat topass quickly to or from the blood into the environment.

Inglaterra.Los Crocodylus acutus crocodiles have heavy bodies and slow metabolisms generally, although they can control the speed of digestion as prey abundance and ambient temperature, so, with an optimum temperature (40-50 ° C) can make a digestion if abundant prey quick or slow if they are scarce (the latter data were recently scientifically proven.) They are well adapted to aquatic life and only occasionally out of it, as the Ganges Gharial (Gavialis gangeticus). On land, crocodiles glide by dragging your stomach and pushing wi

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