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Catalyze Reaction, Practice: catalyze reaction

Practice: catalyze reaction.

A catalise reaction.
We putted some materials into small pots and then added hydrogen peroxide so it is decomposed into water and hydrogen making the cap of the pot explote.
It was to see what catalyze reaction is and how to provide it. It is an enzyme found in living things exposed to oxygen. The catalyse descomposes the peroxide water into oxygen and water.
* 3 small pots.
* Mortar.
* Rasper.
* Carrot.
* Potato.
* Beef liver.
* Hydrogen peroxide.
I. Scrape the carrot , potato and crush the beef liver in the mortar.
II. Put each thing in a different pot and fill it until it reaches the half.
III. Fill the pot with hydrogen peroxide.
IV. Cover the pot with the little cap and shake it.
V. Place it on the tamble and wait until it reacts.

Analysis of data
The reaction of hydrogen peroxide with the 3 materials was the same. It descomposed into water and oxygen forcing it to get on escape of the pot and this included in the shaking of the pot then it exploted. Our experiment did notreact as we expect it because the pot cap was not appropriate for the experiment but it did descomposed the water.
If we want to prove there is a catalysed we only need to add hydrogen peroxide and wait until it reacts. If it starts making bubbles then its proved there is a catalysed. The reaction can be summarized by this: 2H2O2->2H2O+O2
1. How does catalyze acts?and why does it release oxygen?it is an enzyme founded in living things and the release of oxygen happens because the hydrogen peroxide is added.
2. Why is oxygen dangerous? Because cells have enzymes these can be damage by the expose of oxygen because it reacts with haydrogen peroxide and superoxide.
3. Explain what is the reactive oxygen species. They are chemically reactive molecules containing oxygen and they are highly reactive due precence of unpaired valence shell electrons. They form as a natural byproduct of the normal metabolism oxygen and have important roles in cell signailing and homeostasis.
4. What will be the role of this enzyme in the body? Descompose into hydrogen peroxide into less reactive substances.

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