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Chill: Sensation of Coldness - homoeopathic treatment - symptoms, pathogenic and clinical

Chill: Sensation of Coldness.

Amm-carb - Sensitiveness to open air.
Amm-mur - Icy coldness between the shoulders.
Ant-tart - Surface of body cold, clammy, sweaty.
Apis - Chillfrom 3 to 5 p. m.; runs down the back; worse in warm room.
Arn - Body cold, head hot; hand and feet cold, body hot.
Ars - Icy coldness of the body; chilliness without thirst.
Aurum - Sensitiveness to cold; coldness of hands and feet.
Bapt - Chill about 11 a. m
Calc - Sensitive to cold air; takes cold from every change of weather.
Camph - Extreme coldness of the surface to touch, but will not be
Caps - Chill from 5 to 6 p. m.; begins in back between shoulders
preceded by thirst.
Carbo-v - Coldness with thirst.
Cedron - At 6 p. m.; comes on with clock-like regularity.
China - At 3 p. m.; every second day; anticipating; recurring.
Cuprum - With cold sweat on forehead; contracted, irregular pulse.

Dig - Coldness of hands and feet.
Eup-per - At 7 a. m. one day; at noon next; with aching in back and
bones; followed by bitter vomiting.
Eup-pur - Chill in small of back, extending all over.
Euph - Shivering all the time.
Gels - Chill without thirst; in back; with muscular soreness.
Hep - Very sensitive to cold; coughs as soon as gets cold or into
Ign - Chill with thirst.
Ipec - Short chill, preceded by much prostration.
Merc - Creeping chilliness, worse in evening.
Merc-cor - Chilliness between stools.
Mosch - External chilliness, internal heat.
Nat-mur - Chill followed by heat with great thirst.
Nux-vom - Chilliness and shivering, with blue nails; on being uncovered.
Phos - Chill extends downward; fever upward.
Plum - Stubbornly persistent coldness.
Puls - Chilliness in warm room; without thirst; sensation of internal
Sec - Flesh cold to touch, but he refuses to be covered.
Stan - Creeping chilliness atstool.
Sul - Feet cold, top of head hot; cold urging the day, burning hot at
Ver-alb - Extreme coldness of the body.

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