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Alianas Microsoft - microsoft & Ibm & Facebook

Microsoft & Ibm

It is worth mentioning the situation in which IT was developed at the late 70’s and the beginning of the 80’s. By that time, first PC’s came out, such as IBM 5100 (1975), Apple II (1976), Commodore PET (1977), although with very basic functions they were highly priced.
A new need arouse in society, there was a huge potential market in personal computers and all these technological companies battled one another to take over the market.
However in 1980, IBM fixed this objective for themselves, but they knew that they would need a good operative system. The favorite one was the CP/M, that although it was created by Digital Research, they thought it was by Microsoft, a recently launched company.
When they realized of this, they went to visit Digital Research although they were not well welcome. So Bill Gates took positions and later he was asked for a software more powerful than the CP/M. He accepted with one condition, the software would not be sold, but licensed.

Actually, Gates did not have any system to offer, but he had time enough to buy the QDOS Operative System for $50,000, from Seattle Computer Products. The product had not been very successful and Gates offered it to IBM later. After this, IBM executives were quite surprised by the system that Gates announced as MS-DOS.
Finally on August 12th 1981, IBM launched the IBM PC at $3,285 and they took over the market. By December 1984 they had sold 250,000 units, a very remarkable figure for that time.Companies had been focusing on producing the whole product, hardware and software, and by this alliance they gained the market, IBM focusing on hardware and Microsoft in software, creating more synergies that their rivals (Gary Kildall, owner of Seattle Computer Products was hired by Microsoft, to develop new versions of the system).
Other companies, as Apple with huge success in current times, lagged behind Microsoft. As it is well known, the personal confrontation of the founder of Apple with IBM principles, although Apple computers have been always recognized as better performers, the business strategy carried out by Microsoft allowed them to go up in the market.
Furthermore, this License agreement with IBM, turned into new negotiations of Gates with other PC producers, which will make Gates and his partner Paul Allen to become some of the richest men in the world for decades.

MICROSOFT & Facebook

Microsoft invested 240 million dollars in Facebook in 2007, to obtain the 1.6% of the most important social network worldwide, with approximately 800 million users in 2011. Their purpose is to battle the internet giant, Google.
Since the beginning of internet, the market has changed dramatically, there are new consumers demands and a big change in mentality and expectations. Consumers have got on the free path of the internet that many companies enable, specially Google, which provides more and more free services, such us search engine, e-mail and free software, acompletely different business model from the one in Microsoft and very damaging for them indeed.

2. El estado sintetiza todas las luchas sociales por el poder que se producen en la sociedad moderna.

La globalización y la mundialización del capital
El mundo se volvió el espacio de referencia para la producción industrial y para las transacciones comerciales, financieras, informaticas, culturales y políticas.
Se proyecta una imagen de globalización por los grandes medios de comunicación de las caídas de las fronteras económicas, comerciales y financieras de los países, ademas de una nueva organización mundial de la producción “internacionalización productiva” del acceso generalizado a objetos de consumo y a la comunicación mundial, en el cual el hombre se vuelve universal en su relación social.
Efectos negativos de la globalización:
La dominación mundial de una nueva oligarquía industrial y financiera
Relación económica preferente entre los países desarrollados
Una nueva exclusión social de amplios sectores de pobres y desempleados
La sumisión del mundo al poder político, financiero y militar de los Estados Unidos
La extensión de la irracionalidad en el uso de la naturaleza por los intereses industriales y una mayor inclinación de la sociedad al consumo costoso
La globalización incluye la internacionalización de la producción, de las finanzas y seguros comerciales, el cambio en la división internacional del trabajo, el vasto movimientomigratorio del sur para el norte y la competencia ambiental que acelera estos procesos.

Globalización desde un punto de vista mas rigorosamente fundamentado en la crítica de la economía política
Es un fenómeno multilateral que se basa en una nueva forma de organización de la economía mundial.
En efecto la globalización es una reestructuración económica, política, cultural y de medios de comunicación es decir una nueva organización del capitalismo de finales del siglo.
Se caracteriza por una profundización de la concentración del capital y de una nueva forma de organización de las empresas por el financiamiento y por la fragmentación dicho proceso sucede en el plano de la organización industrial.
En la nueva forma del capitalismo el proceso de internacionalización va mas alla del plano de comercio exterior ya que incluya una integración mundial de capitales y de las bases industriales y financieras.

Entendemos la globalización como una reafirmación de las tendencias económicas fundamentales en particular de la ley del valor que venían siendo obstaculizadas por unas practicas que dificultan este proceso como el monopolio y el proteccionismo.
La globalización busca la forma de integración económica que necesariamente llevan a la integración política.
Mundialización del capital
1. La reestructuración productiva, organizativa, laboral y de gestión del capitalismo contemporaneo, eso se logro a partir de la revolución tecnológica informatica
* -Centralización del capital que resulto por la fusión o compra entre los oligopolios industriales y financieros mundiales.
* - Por la explotacióncoordinada de un nuevo trabajador intelectual en la producción y la organización empresarial, junto a la superexplotacion de año de obra barata y semianalfabeta de los países subdesarrollados.
2. La reestructuración de los estados hecha a través de los mecanismos de ajuste estructural y reforma del estado, lo que facilito la expansión de los capitales financieros e industriales

Los cambios en el dominio político
EL polo económico y político dominante en el mundo paso a ser So with the appearance of another powerful giant as Facebook, Microsoft being loyal to their consistent alliances business style, took part on it.
Their purpose was to compete with their search engine BING, although they will have important difficulties, as the leader Google has approximately the 66% of the market share, followed by Yahoo with 16,7%, and Bing having a 11,2%.
It is clear that there is a long way to compete with google, there are possibilities for Yahoo of joining this venture, as they already share their income for advertising.
Bing is specialised in geolocated and customized search. Trying to offer more concrete results to the users through contacts and obtain a more valuable search experience, helping them to make decisions. The segmented information from Facebook and Messenger look as the best assets to compete against Google.
They expect to obtain exponential growth through the development of mobile phones technologies and general access to internet. The current search engine of Facebook is provided by Bing, and the provider of location services of the network is Bing Maps. There are also rumours of a new Facebook e-mail.
Everything is still to come, and with this new alliance, Microsoft is already on its way, to provide multiple services in different context, and Facebook can count on all the experience and solid infrastructure of the “alliances company”

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