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Delirium - homoeopathic treatment - symptoms, pathogenic and clinical


Phos-ac - Quiet, with stupor; can be roused, but relapses.
Ailan - Muttering.
Bapt - Wandering, muttering; trying to gather the scattered parts of the
Bell - Violent, strikes, seeks to escape.
Canth - Furious, crying, howling,barking, intense sexual furor.
Cuprum - Delirium of fear.

Hyos - Delirium about trifles; quarrelsome, obscene, indecent.
Lach - Loquacious, mumbling, worse after sleep.
Opium - Talking; face hot, red, puffed; hot sweat.
Petr - Thinks somebody is lying near him in bed.
Stram - Loquacious, changing topics constantly; merry; lewd; with
terrifying hallucinations. Complains of darkness of room; wants light.

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