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Expectoration - homoeopathic treatment - symptoms, pathogenic and clinical


Nit-ac - Constant hawking of mucus.
Amm-carb - Expectoration of mucus, with specks of blood in it.
Arg-met - Jelly-like mucus in the morning; easy expectoration of
substance like boiled starch.
Ars - Expectoration of transparent, viscid mucous.
Bry - Expectoration rust-colored, tough, like lumps of jelly.
Calc - Copious, yellow, bloody; during day only.
Carbo-v - Fetid, thick, greenish; before menstruating.
Caust - Scanty; must be swallowed.
Cham - Scanty, tough, slimy; of bitter taste.
Copaiva - Profuse, purulent.
Cubeba - Difficult; at times blood-stained.
Ferr - Bloody, green, purulent; in the morning.

Kali-bich - Yellow, stringy.
Kali-carb - Must be swallowed.
Kali-iod - Greenish; like soap suds.
Lyc - Copious, mucous, purulent, gray, salty.
Mag-carb - Little lumps, no larger than pea, very offensive.
Merc - Heavy, acrid, yellow; mixed with blood; putrid, salty.
Phos - Frothy, bloody,rust-colored; purulent, white, tough; salty,
Puls - Bland and thick.
Sang - Tough, offensive, rust-colored.
Sil - Expectoration of thick, yellow lumps; copious expectoration of
foul, muco-purulent matter.
Spong - Yellow, tenacious, salty.
Stan - Copious, salty or sweetish.
Sul - Greenish, purulent, sweetish.

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