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Apple vs. Blackberry

The Apple vs. The Blackberry
Just a few years ago, humanity could only dream about having “futuristic mobile phones” which now a day we call cellphones. We are privileged because we can find a wide variety of preferences like color, model, software, if you want it touch or not etc. Although, there’s so many cellphones you can choose from. There are two of them that standout out of all. These are iphone and Blackberry. The iphone and the Blackberry have made an impact all over the world. Especially with people that depend on it for work.

Iphone’s and Blackberry’s are dependable items in our civilization. They are the source of communication between many children, teens, employees, employers etc. That’s why cellphones are so important. Both iphone and blackberry share the ability to have a touch screen. They are capable of receiving emails, messages, phone calls etc. These characteristics allow the iphone and the blackberry to be a huge impact in the market these days because they make life easier. Also, these two cellphones have a variety of games, making iphone and Blackberry not only a way of communication and not only a way of making life easier, but also a way of entertainment.

Though they do share similarities, they also have manydifferences. Iphone presents 500 million applications. These include business applications, educational applications, game applications etc. All of these applications are found in the “App Store”. Blackberry, on the other hand, presents a noticeable low amount of applications compared to the iphone. These Blackberry apps can be found in the “Blackberry App World”. Maybe iphone has more applications but they do not have something Blackberry have and that is the “Blackberry ID” or commonly known as “Blackberry Pin”. This “pin” is used for using “Blackberry Messenger” which is a software for sending and receiving instant messages. Only Blackberry owners can have this BBM(blackberry messenger) and can only talk to other Blackberry owners. This has made a huge advertisement all over the world.

The iphone and the Blackberry might have there differences and there similarities but with all that, they’re still amazing technology. The creation of these phones has been life changing for people all over the world. These products have made life easier for the world. We should keep in mind that these products will only get better and better. They will be improved and changed. As they improve they will change our lives little by little.

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