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Femto Cells - Small low-power bas stations, Data rates up to 40Mb per channel

Femto Cells

Small low-power bas stations
For indoor use in residential or small business environments
Tremendous growth in the coming years ( 20011 => 100millions subscribers
Femtocell specific products : transmitters, receivers, LNA, GPS
GPS use for real-time location and timing information
GPS is used to check if the femto cell is deployed in the geographic area where the operator gets a network licence.
GPS : constellation of 24 to 32 orbiting satellites arranged that at least 6 satellites are always visible from any line of sight point on earth. Each satellite broadcasts navigation data using a distinct spread spectrum code unique to each individual satellite. Signals from 4 satellites are used by the GPS receivers to calculate their position : longitude, latitude, altitude and time.

Data rates up to 40Mb per channel
Wimax macro base stations are similar in size and capabilities with 3G base stations

A rack equipment supports multiple sectors and are aggregated throug an ethernet switch or router
The equipment and the backhaul to support is particularly expensive due to high performance, carrier class features such as redundoncy, hot swap capability, high power radios
Micro base stations => up to 5km ( mobile ) ( 3 sectors : > 200 users ) 10W
Pico base stations => 100m (1 sector : 50 users ) 500mW up to 1W Indoor public areas
Femto base stations => 20 à 30m ( 1 sector : < 10 users ) 100mW residential areas

The femto usage model is similar to a 3G femto where users connect to the network via an existing broadband connection
3G Wimax =

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