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A cabeza de medusa - correct answer


1 Choose the correct answer.

1b 2b 3a 4b 5b

2 Rewrite the sentences in the passive. Omit the agent when possible.

1 Many supernatural events are reported each year.
2 It is unlikely that an explanation will ever be found.
3 A séance was attended by Bernard Shaw in 1935. (séance/’seia:nz/=sesión de espiritismo)
4 Was the investigator tricked by the inhabitants of Borley Rectory?
5 A full explanation was promised to the residents.

3 Rewrite the sentences in the passive.

1 The meeting has been cancelled until Monday.
2 The students were given an English test last Friday.
3 The computer is being used at the moment.
4 The school was built in the 19th century.
5 The exams results will be sent at the end of August.
6 My bag has been taken by mistake.

4 Write sentences in the active or passive. Use the correct tense.

1 My new computer was stolen last week.
2 The school gates are closed every night at midnight.
3 The head teacher announced plans for a new library yesterday.
4 Sandrais being interviewed by the examiner at the moment.
5John has been revising for his French exam since ten o’clock.

5 Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in brackets.

1 Church bells are heard every Sunday.
2 The guests were tricked (timados, estafados) by the residents at B.R
3 Dinner has already been served.
4 We were asked not to discuss the evidence yesterday.
5 The children are going to be examined by the doctor tomorrow.

6 Rewrite the sentences in the active or passive form without changing their meaning.

1 Have you been warned about the health risks by the doctor?
2 People believe that he is a dangerous criminal.
3 The letter had already been sent when we met.
4 I was given a car by my father.
5 The government should have passed these laws years ago.
6 The doctor hadn’t examined the patient carefully.
7 Piercing is said to be dangerous.
It is said that piercing is dangerous.
8 Claire should have been given more time to complete the test.
9 I have been stolen my mobile.

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